Rites of Passage Adventure Week-end (ROPAW) for Boys: Images

The Journeymen Rites Of Passage Adventure Weekend (ROPAW) is designed to challenge participants physically and emotionally. Boys are encouraged to look at and share feelings that they may have never acknowledged before. During the weekend, the initiate becomes known as a “Journeyman,” a young man on his journey to manhood. Journeymen (in Asheville) conducts two Rites of Passage Adventure … Continue reading

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Mustachioed Woman Makes a Stand to Make a Change

  This is a story about Regina Twine. A woman who cannot grow facial hair, yet has been seen donning a distinguished mustache (mo) of various shapes and sizes quite a bit lately around town. I first met Regina briefly on Nov. 15th at the Raleigh (NC) Convention Center during The Internet Summit 2011.* She … Continue reading

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Mad Men Rules. Do They Still Work?

Phil Buckley’s post from http://www.1918.com explores the relevance of Mad Men Rules for today.

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