What are the Mad Men Barbies talking about today?

EXAMPLE DIALOGUE (In The Mad Men Barbie Penthouse Playhouse)

ROGER: “I’m being punished for making my job look easy.”
BETTY: “We haven’t all been doing anything.”
DON: “I have a life and it only goes in one direction: forward.”
JOAN: “That’s life. One minute, you’re on top of the world. The next, some secretary is running over your foot with a lawn mower.”

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Mad Men’s not just blowing smoke with eBay charity auction.

“Mad Men” is sponsoring an eBay auction that started, Thursday, August 12th, 2010 and will last 10 days. It’s meant to make a change in helping those who suffer from lung cancer. This also highlights what tremendous changes have happened both in society’s attitudes and accepted public practices since the 60’s in regards to cigarette … Continue reading

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