The best supporters in the world! (see the video)

<!—-> This is why Sunday, Sept. 12th was one of the most fun days of the whole contest for me. Not only did my supporters get me over 10,000 votes, within 100 of the #10 spot, but I was able to be with the people I love so much, my friends, really now, my family … Continue reading

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Mad Men, Sad Men?

Mad Men, Sad Men? Discussing the emotional spectrum with some help from Sesame Street

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Lessons learned by a (M)ad Man

A real (M)ad Man deals with change and the power of community by entering the “Mad Men Casting Call Competition“ The times are achangin’ for Mr. Draper. The only thing that hasn’t changed for Mr. Draper, and all the other Don Draper’s since the early 60’s, is change. Every creative director, art director, designer, and … Continue reading

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