MAD MEN: Win-Win!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to everyone who voted to help get me onto the TV show Mad Men and supported Boys to Men mentoring network (Journeymen Raleigh/Journeymen Triangle) through the Banana Republic/AMC Mad Men Casting Call contest.

The voting ended at 5 pm EST on Sept. 17th. We finished a very respectable 12th place among the men with a total of 12,323 votes. YOU guys did this!.

MOST OF ALL, thank you for supporting Boys to Men mentoring network. We raised a whole LOT of awareness, a few funds and generated a great base of new volunteers. We’ve also made a connections with both a large, major corporation and a community bank about potential funding!

THE BEST STORY is a connection with a grief counselor with Hospice who coincidentally just happened to see the TV interview (having never ever seen or heard of the TV show, My Carolina Today, nor usually even watching TV at that time of day). She works with grieving kids who need support. She called me to connect to get help for boys who lose their fathers and need support. This connection means more than winning any contest could. In my opinion, this is the most valuable thing to happen throughout the entire contest.

I call that a WIN-WIN!

Although this year’s contest is over, the (M)ad Men Making Change original quest to showcase people in the arts, design, and advertising, etc. who are making positive changes in our (m)ad world is just beginning. Are you a (m)ad man or (m)ad woman making change? Please let me know what you are doing as a change-agent, and I’ll be sure to feature you on this blog as I can. Plus, if you know of any other (m)ad men or (m)ad women using their (m)ad skills to make change with various charities, not-for-profit causes and social change initiatives, contact me, Jeff Bowman, with great stories of good people at: madmanbowman (at) gmail (dot) com

See the real stars of this show, MY SUPPORTERS on the YouTube Channel: MadManBowman

Here’s the NBC-17 My Carolina Today Interview for those who have asked.

Again, Thank you!  And stay tuned, and keep your eyes out around town for (M)ad Men Making Change!


“Why are you doing this? Meaning to the madness.”

“Who are you supposed to be?” Unmasking Mad Men


EVENTS: Bogart’s Mad Men Martini Mixer for Mentoring & Solas Mad Men Mixer Remix (photos/videos)

Find out more about the Raleigh area’s Boys to Men Chapter (now, Journeymen Triangle).

CONTEST RESULTS: See the 10 female and 10 male finalists (for as long as they will post it) in The Banana Republic Mad men Casting Call Contest, which ended Sept. 17th, 5 p.m.

(M)ad Men Making Change’s quest is to showcase people in the arts, design, advertising and related professions who are making positive changes in our mad world, using their (m)ad skills to make real change through various charitable work, not-for-profit causes and social change initiatives.

Please contact me at if you or someone you know is a (m)ad man or woman making change, and would like to be featured on this site.

Jeff Bowman (aka (M)ad Man Bowman)


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