Journeymen (Boys to Men)

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Journeymen Raleigh’s (Boys to Men’s) vision is to create communities of men who teach, support, mentor and encourage boys to become compassionate, accountable men.

For more info:

Journeymen Raleigh (a chapter of Boys to Men International)

Journeymen Asheville: Regional Boys to Men Center

WHO WE ARE . . . .
Boys ot Men: a nonprofit 501(c3) corporation created to guide boys 12-17 years of age through their passage to manhood.

We provide boys with mentoring and modeling so that they learn integrity, accountability, compassion and respect.

We help boys develop responsibility and guide them toward healthy manhood.
WHAT WE DO . . .
• Build self esteem
• Provide a unique and safe place where boys can interact with committed, conscientious men
• Encourage boys to be men of honor. To seek and speak the truth.
• Help boys discover and develop their individual strengths, talents and gifts.
• Mentor positive male role models
• Challenge boys to live lives of responsible action and make a meaningful impact in the world.
• Teach boys how to resolve conflicts and ask for forgiveness.
• Support boy’s dreams to find a personal mission
• Praise the greatness in each boy.
• Give our boys hope, confidence and courage.

We endeavor to Mentor adolescent boys on their journey to becoming men of integrity by modeling healthy masculinity, encouraging compassionate self awareness and supporting their emotional growth in an environment that welcomes their adolescent energy.

Journeymen Asheville: Regional Boys to Men Center

Journeymen Raleigh (a chapter of Boys to Men International)

“Who are you supposed to be?” Unmasking Mad Men
Mad Men, Sad Men?

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(M)ad Men Making Change’s quest is to showcase people in the arts, design, advertising and related professions who are making positive changes in our mad world, using their (m)ad skills to make real change through various charitable work, not-for-profit causes and social change initiatives.

Please contact me at if you or someone you know is a (m)ad man or woman making change, and would like to be featured on this site.

Jeff Bowman (aka (M)ad Man Bowman)

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