Come drum with Journeymen Triangle. Have fun and find out more about mentoring teens.

On August 31st, 2011, teen boys and mentors from Journeymen Triangle¬†will be at Pullen Park (in Raleigh) drumming along with the Raleigh Drum Circle’s Drum for the Hoop Jam. We are inviting everyone interested in mentoring for teen boys to come out and drum with us. We will have fun, get to know new folks, … Continue reading

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“Why are you doing this?” Meaning to the madness.

“WHY are you doing this?” I got asked that question a LOT, especially as I campaigned for votes on the final night of the contest. Why are you spending so much time, energy, and resources on this strange Mad Men Casting Call contest. What does it mean to you? I admit, when I first entered, … Continue reading

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“My Carolina Today” Interview on NBC-17

Sharon Delaney of “My Carolina Today” interviews Jeff Bowman, finalist in Banana Republic AMC Mad Men Casting Call Competition. Aired Tuesday, Sept. 14, 2010 on NBC-17.

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