Mustachioed Woman Makes a Stand to Make a Change


This is a story about Regina Twine. A woman who cannot grow facial hair, yet has been seen donning a distinguished mustache (mo) of various shapes and sizes quite a bit lately around town.

I first met Regina briefly on Nov. 15th at the Raleigh (NC) Convention Center during The Internet Summit 2011.* She was wearing her mo when I met her (not sure of what it was made of, or how exactly it was staying on). Being the ever, polite southerner (and coward), I chose to ignore it as one might a piece of extra lint on a stranger’s jacket.

I actually guessed that she was wearing her mo as part of Movember, a campaign held throughout the month of November, in which men (normally) are asked to grow their facial hair boldly and creatively in order to raise awareness and funds to support cures for prostate cancer and other male cancer initiatives. I know some guys who have done this, and had even considered doing it myself the last couple of years. Regina, however, is the first woman that I’d ever met to support the cause in this way. It was some days later before I found out her deeply personal reason for participating.

You see, unfortunately, Regina’s dad is currently passing away from cancer. It started out as thyroid cancer and spread to multiple brain tumors. She mentioned in a message she sent out to some of us she met at The Summit, “He didn’t know anything was wrong until a few years ago. He wasn’t the type to go to the doctor a lot so they weren’t able to catch it ‘early’ like doctors like to do for cancer. Fast forward past multiple surgeries and me almost losing him last year to now- He is in hospice care and we’ve reached the end. There is only one way to leave hospice care…..”

John Twine

Regina goes on to say, “I know that each day people pass away, but this is my Daddy, the BEST man in my life. He raised me to be the wonderful and strong person that I am and he taught me to stand up for myself. So I’m taking a stand for Men’s Health.”

Her requests as she continues to don her mustache during Movember:

1. Donate $1 in the name of her dad, John Twine, so that other girls out there can watch their daddies grow old.

2. Rise above the stereotypes of men being “too macho” to see a doctor.” Get a checkup. Change the face of Men’s Health.

You can help Regina’s cause and read more on her blog. You can also donate directly at her Movember site.

Regina is what I call a (m)ad woman making change by making her stand. Please support her in the final days of Movember.

Bless her and her dad, John Twine, during this time, in your thoughts and prayers.


*The Fourth Annual Internet Summit:  promotes forward thinking and thought leadership on topics related to internet technologies through industry professionals who share their expertise with those who attend.

Presented by TechMedia, Internet Summit supports web oriented entrepreneurial activity, innovation, and the resultant economic development of southeast and mid-atlantic regions.

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