“Why are you doing this?” Meaning to the madness.

“WHY are you doing this?”

I got asked that question a LOT, especially as I campaigned for votes on the final night of the contest. Why are you spending so much time, energy, and resources on this strange Mad Men Casting Call contest. What does it mean to you?

I admit, when I first entered, I wasn’t really sure. I just had a “feeling” about the contest in my gut. I already had a photo to enter. Why not?!

But when it got harder, more time-consuming, costly, distracting, tiring, and just plain strange, I needed other reasons.

In a nutshell, here are the reasons I found:

1. RISK going after a unique prize that seems impossible

2. ENGAGE with people (and learn to engage better) with others by connecting and reconnecting

3. LEARN professionally from taking those risks (blogging, social media, marketing, PR, beyond the limits of what I’d done previously as an art director)

Ultimately, the main “WHY,” what kept me going through the longest, darkest nights was the following reason:

4. Supporting something that I believe in that is BIGGER THAN MYSELF. A cause worthy of the effort. To use the platform to tell the world about mentoring, and this group, Boys to Men, that my son and I love.

I’ve had some great laughs, been stretched, be enlightened, and then been educated. These alone would have been reasons enough for doing this contest.

But the best reasons for persevering can more and more clear towards the end of the contest:

1. A lot more people now know about this great mentoring group, Boys to Men.

2. Some much needed funds got raised, and more are coming because of this contest of madness, to help some boys afford to be involved in Boys to Men activities and events.

3. I saw some folk’s eyes light up when they saw that such an organization even existed.

4. Some new folks are now signing up to get involved.

That is WHY for which I am doing this. When I look into the eyes of those boys on that video, I know why. It not about me, but them. It’s about what we all can do together, (m)advertising people of not, to change this this mad, and world for a young boy or girl.

And this is why I’ve already won no matter how I finish in the end. You, my supporters, have won this for me and for Boys to Men.

Thank you, everyone for supporting me, and this cause. It’s been a great ride!


The voting ended in the Mad Men Casting Call contest at 5 pm EST on Sept. 17th. We finished a very respectable 12th place among the men with 12,323 votes. YOU guys did this! (See finalists)

Rites of Passage Adventure Week-end with Journeymen Asheville (div. of Boys to Men)

See other videos on the YouTube Channel

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