The best supporters in the world! (see the video)


This is why Sunday, Sept. 12th was one of the most fun days of the whole contest for me.

Not only did my supporters get me over 10,000 votes, within 100 of the #10 spot, but I was able to be with the people I love so much, my friends, really now, my family at FOC..

These great friends, some shown here, really got me through my stressed-out, tired state this day with their love, hugs, prayers and encouraging words.

Thank you, FOC family! You have brought me strength, hope, and laughter throughout these past 6 weeks!

I love you all so very much!

Jeff Bowman (aka Dapper Don)

PS: YOU can also watch the video on YouTube

See ALL the Mad Man videos on my new, YouTube Channel

2 Responses to “The best supporters in the world! (see the video)”
  1. Carol McCoy says:

    You are definitely loved and supported! That was great! Glad it made you happy 🙂

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