9-Day Mad Men Casting Call Forecast

Dapper Don’s 9-Day Mad Men Casting Call Forecast

1.  THURS: Sunny VOTES, once a day, will drive away all overhanging, cloudy competition

2. FRI: Clearing as you check out more about Boys to Men Mentoring Network and make a donation or get involved

3. SAT: 9/11. Please remember the victims of 9/11, their families, and to honor the brave heroes on that day, the men and women who fight for our country in the armed services and national guard. Our candle will be lit in Raleigh, NC this day.
4. SUN: Overhead accumulating votes in clouds will gather as many folks join the new, Facebook FAN PAGE. Raining, pouring on of buckets of votes all day. PRAY for RAIN!

5. MON: Drying out as we move higher into the TwitterSphere, with Tweet after Re-tweet till we’re on the FIRST page

6. TUES: Green ozone for some GREAT TV viewing of interview on NBC-17’s “My Carolina Today,” 9/14. 11 a.m

7. WEDS: Early morning fog lifts as everyone gets all aTWitter with votes at the AMA Luncheon on Thurs. with Scott Stratten

8. THURS: PARTY!! Raise funds, raise martini glasses, raise votes at Bogart’s MAD MEN MARTINI MIXER for MENTORING!

9. FRI. (TGIF!!): Things will totally clear for a BEAUTIFUL Storm-free, stress-free week-end as we enter one of the TOP TEN week-ends in history!! Much thanks will be given to God and many, many, many friends on this day.

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