Mad Men Rules. Do They Still Work?

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Mad Men Season 4

Mad Men Season 4

One of my favorite shows is AMC’s MadMen. If you haven’t seen it, start watching season 4 this Sunday.

I watched a promo video off of iTunes today that listed the Mad Men Rules and wondered if they still worked today.

  1. You are the product: If people don’t like you, they will do their best NOT to buy from you. Showing some of your personality allows people to connect with you. See Don Draper at his best in this clip from season 1 – The Carousel.
  2. Live like there’s no tomorrow: Don’t let opportunity pass you by. Grab it and live each day to the fullest. Maybe that no longer includes drinking scotch at your desk.
  3. There’s a place to cry – your apartment: You’ll get a lot of advice at work, not all of it is good, but some of it could change your life. You’re lucky if you find a mentor who you can trust.
  4. When God closes a door, he opens a dress: Rule breaking. How does the way you live your life in one quadrant effect how you live it in another. In the end, crime doesn’t pay.
  5. If you don’t want to have a fight, stop talking: Communication is the key. If you don’t let the steam escape in a controlled way, it will eventually bust a main pipe.
  6. Being with a client is like being in a marriage: As many different types of people there are in the world, there are that many types of clients. Some clients you kiss their butt, some need to be scared and some clients you’re better off avoiding all together. See Don Draper explain to a client how it is.
  7. Evaluate your strengths: If you take the time really evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and remain dispassionate and honest, what do you see?
  8. Have a summer house: What kind of company do you want to work at? The kind where everyone has a summer house? How free are you to speak where you are now?
  9. Only boring people are bored: This is one of my favorite lines ever from this show. I believe there is actually quite a bit of truth in it. Are you ever bored at work?
  10. Put your nose down and pay attention to your work: This has been an old standby for many decades. Is the best way to stay creative and motivated at your job? Do you take time to think or do you just “work” all day?

Do you watch the show? What do you think of their rules?

Till Sept. 17: VOTE for Mr. Dapper Don to win Mad Men Casting Call

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